A. Republicans

B. Democrats

C. Independent

D. Reagan won 44 million to 35 million to 6 million


A. Republicans

B. Democrats

C. Issues

D. Results

III. Style - Reagan

A. Inexperienced outsider - knew how to work with other politicians

B. Brought in experienced advisers to make it easier to get things done

C. Focused on Big Picture

D. Assassination attempt - 3/31/81

IV. Conservative Domestic Issues - Moral Issues

A. The New Right - Southern Strategy completed

B. Evangelical Christianity played a key role in the rise of conservatism

V. Economic Goals - Reaganomics - Three Parts

A. Tax Cuts - Supply-side Economics

B. Budget cuts

C. Increased Defense Spending - $1.5 trillion

VI. Results of Reaganomics

A. Recession and Recovery

B. Balance of Trade - became unfavorable under Nixon and worsened

VII. New Federalism - Reagan Revolution

A. Shift responsibility to states

B. Goal - Dismantling the New Deal/Great Society

IV. Energy - Reagan

A. OPEC cooperation strained by war (Iran vs. Iraq)

B. Proposed eliminating Department of Energy as unnecessary

C. Deregulation

D. Results - US dependence on foreign oil is now greater than 50%

V. The Environment - Reagan

A. Urged to get rid of EPA and Superfund as wasteful

B. Sagebrush Rebellion

VII. Deregulation - Reagan

A. Banking, Savings and Loans

B. Stock Market

VIII. Civil Rights and the Courts - Reagan

A. New Federalism allowed states to cut aid for blacks

B. Further dismantling of the Great Society hurt blacks

C. Women's Issues - Gender Gap

D. Court appointments

IX. NASA - Reagan

A. Shuttle launches began

B. 2/86 - Challenger explosion

C. MIR - Russian permanent space station



I. REAGAN Cabinet - inexperience compared to Carter's

A. Sec. of State - Alexander Haig

B. Sec. of State - George Schultz

C. Caspar Weinberger - Secretary of Defense

II. Containment - Reagan

A. USSR = evil empire

B. New Arms Race - catch up

III. Latin America and the Third World - Reagan

A. Haiti - 1986

B. Grenada - 10/83

C. El Salvador

D. Caribbean Basin Initiative - commission - 11/83

E. Nicaragua

F. Iran-Contra Affair

G. Falkland Island Crisis

IV. Soviet Union - Reagan

A. Arms Race renewed

B. Poland

C. Korean Airliner shot down by the Russians - 9/83

D. Early Arms Talks stalled

E. Reykjavik, Iceland Summit - 11/86

F. Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty

V. Asia - Reagan

A. China

B. Philippines

VI. Middle East - Reagan

A. Lebanon

B. Libya

C. Persian Gulf

I. The Bush Presidency

A. 1988 Election

B. Legal Issues Under Bush

C. The War on Drugs

D. The Aids Epidemic

E. Economic Woes

F. New Taxes

II. Toward a Post-Cold War World

A. The American People in the 1990s

B. Reforming Communist Societies

C. Changes Elsewhere in the Communist World

D. The Quest for Freedom in South Africa

E. The Persian Gulf Crisis

F. Competition in Trade

G. New Patterns of Trade

III. The Impact of Science and Technology

A. The World of Technology

B. Environmental Challenges

C. Fighting Pollution

D. The American Space Program

E. To the Edge of the Solar System


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