Chapter 5

New Frontiers, New Resources

(1860 - 1900)

I. The Geography of the Frontier

Frontier - an imaginary line dividing civilization from wilderness

  • (census bureau definition - 6 people/sq. mi.)

II. Reasons for Westward Expansion

III. The Adventurers

IV. Why was settlement and civilization made possible?

I. The Conquest of the Indians

A. Background to Hostilities

B. Conflict on the Plains

C. The End of the Indian Wars

D. A Way of Life Destroyed

E. The Dawes Act

II. The Cowboys and the Ranchers

A. Start of the Cattle Industry

B. Ranching as a Big Business

III. Farming the Frontier

A. Who Were the Settlers?

B. Encouraging Settlement

C. Life on the Farm

D. New Technology

E. Large-scale Farming

F. Farming Beyond the Plains

IV. Mining and Lumbering

A. Prospectors and Boom Towns

B. The Business of Mining

C. Other Riches From the Earth

D. The Lumber Industry

E. Alaska: The Last Frontier

V. The Impact of the Frontier

A.The West and the American Character

B. Visions of the West

C. Conserving the Land



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