#1 - 1986

#2 - 1983

#3 - 1979 (partial)

Assess the validity of this statement with reference to the period 1900-1940.

#4 - 1990

#5 - 1996

#6 - 1981

Assess the validity of this statement, giving attention to both periods (1920-1932 and 1932-1940).

#7 - 1984

#8 - 1993

Agricultural Adjustment Act
Securities and Exchange Commission
Wagner National Labor Relations Act
Social Security Act

I. Post War Tensions

A. Disillusionment with WWI

B. Problems - The early years of the decade

C. Dismantling the war machine - Demobilization - unplanned and abrupt

D. Labor Strikes (Samuel Gompers - AFL)

E. Boston Police Strike - Sept. 1919

F. Steel Strike - 9/19

G. Coal Strike - Nov. 1919

H. Seattle General Strike

I. Anti-Labor National Mood

J. The Red Scare - 1919 (Tension)

K. Sacco and Vanzetti - 1920

L. Nativism

M. Heightened Racial Tensions

N. Immigration Restrictions - Xenophobia

O. Prohibition began - 1/16/20

II. Social Tension - Golden Years?

A. Called the "Revolution in Manners and Morals"

B. What made such a "revolution" possible?

C. Postwar Letdown in Morality - Escapism

D. Rejection of Prohibition - Failure of the Temperance movement

D. Gains for Women - Flapper Era - Charleston

E. Harlem Renaissance

C. Improved technology and communication

D. Mass Culture (homogenization)

F. Automobile - most important force in creating the Age


G. Electricity and Escapism


H. Age of Hero Worship


I. The Great Bull Market


J. Scopes Trial - 1925 - rise in fundamentalism


K. Writers and Society in Conflict

E. The increase in leisure time led to more changes

III. Republican Government in the 1920s - Laissez - faire

A. Election of 1920 - end of Progressivism

B. Harding's Appointments

C. Teapot Dome Scandal - 1922


D. Recession - 1921-1922

followed by prosperity which coincided with escapism

E. Coolidge (1923-1929) - Silent Cal


F. Election of 1928

II. Manifestations

A. Examples of Reactionism

B. By the mid-1920's, reactionary behavior subsided; the 20's would "roar"!

C. Before examining "social change" in the 20's, lets look at the politics and economics of the 1920's.

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