#1 - 1989

#2 - 1979

Discuss by comparing United States foreign policy in Europe during the period 1776-1823, with United States policy in Europe during the following period:1914-1932.

#3 - 1982

#4 - 1991

#5 - 1995

German naval policy
American economic interests
Woodrow Wilson's idealism
Allied propaganda
America's claim to world power

I. Background

II. Causes of World War I

A. Failure of Balance of Power System - International Anarchy

B. Imperialism - National rivalries - review motives

C. Militarism - buildup of military

D. Alliance System - completed by 1907

E. Nationalism - intense patriotism and national pride

F. Immediate Cause of WWI - Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

III. Early War

A. 1st Total War

B. Two sides

C. Western Front

D. Russian (Eastern Front)

IV. U.S. Response to WWI in Europe

A. NEUTRALITY - Wilson's official position - 8-4-14

V. U.S. entry into WWI


A. What moved us to enter the war against Germany?

B. U.S. had a cultural tie to England

C. Propaganda - British cut underwater cable from Germany

D. Cabinet - pro-Allies except for W.J. Bryan = neutral

E. British Blockade - England took advantage of Pro-Br. feelings in U.S.

F. Morgan Loans - Allied Arsenal

G. German Blockade - U-boat - violated Freedom of the Seas

H. Preparedness -1915

I. Gore-McLemore resolutions - 2/16

J. House-Grey Memorandum (Peace Without Victory) - 2/16

K. Election of 1916

L. Peace Without Victory

M. German Unrestricted submarine warfare - 2/1/17

primary cause of US entry

N. Zimmerman Note - 2/24/17 intercepted

O. Tsar Nicholas II overthrown - 3/17

P. 3/17 - 3 US ships attacked (200 US deaths - total) - US demanded war

Q. Wilson War Message - 4/2/17 - Idealism (Democracy)

VI. US Mobilization


A. Increased Presidential Powers

B. Mobilization of the Economy

C. Women and Blacks

Did the affects of mobilization change your mind about the correctness of entering the war?

Why or why not?

VII. US military turned the tide

We were on the winning side - Does that fact alone justify the decision to enter the war?

VI. Settlement of WWI - Waging Peace

A. European Plan

B. Wilson's 14 Points - Peace Without Victory - 1/8/18

C. Treaty of Versailles - 1919 - Which plan would be used?

D. US Reaction to the Treaty of Versailles

Should the US have entered World War I? Has your answer changed after considering the treaty?

Consider the results summarized below and explain whether it was a good decision. Why or why not?

VII. Impact of World War I (Results)

A. Social

B. Economic

C. Political


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