IDs For Midterm


Topic 1: Industrialization and the Gilded Age



Bessemer Process


factory system






Pacific Railway Act




Promontory Point, Utah


14th Amendment




Andrew Carnegie


Vertical Integration


Horizontal Integration




John D. Rockefeller


The Gilded Age


J.P. Morgan






Machine Politics


Sherman Anti-Trust Act


Interstate Commerce Act




Herbert Spencer


Social Darwinism


Gospel of Wealth


Reform Darwinism


Settlement House Movement


Topic 2: The Wild, Wild West


Indian Removal Act


Trail of Tears


Fort Laramie Council


Sandy Creek Massacre


Concentration Policy


1st Sioux War


Reservation Policy


Extermination Policy


Fetterman Massacre


2nd Sioux War


Arizona Apache Wars




General George Crook


Flight of the Nez Perce


Chief Joseph


Little Big Horn


Wounded Knee Massacre


Ghost Dance Religion


The Dawes Act


Bureau of Indian Affairs


Closing of the Frontier


The Buffalo


Buffalo Bill Cody


Topic 3: Crisis of the 90's, the Labor Movement, Populism, and the Spanish American War


Molly Maquires


Knights of Labor


National Labor Union


American Federation of Labor


Samuel Gompers


Pinkerton Men


Haymarket Riot


Homestead Strike


Pullman Strike


Eugene Debs


Sherman Silver Purchase Act


Panic of 1893


Farmers Alliance


Ocala Platform


Omaha Platform




Crime of 1873


Free Silver


William Jennings Bryan


Yellow Journalism


Spanish American War


USS Maine


Anti Imperialism


Motives for US Expansion


Monroe Doctrine


Open Door Notes


Topic 4: Progressivism




Municipal Reform


Wisconsin Plan


Panama Canal


Philippe-Buneau Varilla


Roosevelt Corollary


Theodore Roosevelt


Honest Broker


Regulation of Business




Conservation vs. Preservation


Gifford Pinchot


John Muir


William Howard Taft


Payne-Aldrich Tariff


Ballinger-Pinchot Affair


Old Guard


Bull Moose


New Freedom/New Nationalism


Underwood Tariff


16th Amendment


Federal Reserve Act


Federal Trade Commission


Wilsonian Idealism