Identifications for Topic 3:The Crisis of the 90's

Machine Politics The Panic of 1873
Nativism The Molly Maquires
Social Darwinism The Knights of Labor
The Social Gospel The American Federation of Labor
Reform Darwinism Samuel Gompers
Laissez-Faire Eugene V. Debs
Interstate Commerce Commission Pinkerton men
Yellow Journalism

The Homestead Strike


The Closing of the Frontier

Identifications for Topic 4: The Populist Revolt

The Granger Movement The Populist Party
The Crime of '73 The Gold Standard
The Farm Crisis The Sherman Silver Purchase Act
Free Silver The Panic of 1893
Deflation William Jennings Bryan
Farmer's Alliance Muckrakers
The Ocala Platform Farmers and Labor
The Omaha Platform  

Identifications for Topic 5: The Spanish-American War and Foreign Policy

The Yellow Press Imperialism
The USS Maine The Anti-Imperialist League
The Rough Riders The Open Door Notes
Motives for Expansion Panama Canal



Identifications for Topic 6: Progressivism

 Initiative  Panama Canal
 Referendum  Treaty of Portsmouth
 Direct Primaries  Honest Broker
 Direct Election of Senators  Hepburn Railroad Regulation Act
 The Wisconsin Plan  The Meat Inspection Act
 "Ground-Up Movement"  Gifford Pinchot
 Upton Sinclair  John Muir
 Muckrakers  Conservation vs. Preservation
 Cult of Efficiency  The Old Guard
 The Open Door Notes  The Payne-Aldrich Tariff
 Roosevelt Corollary (to the Monroe Doctrine)  The Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
 Philippe Buneau-Varilla  The Bull Moose Party