The Crisis of the 1890ís



I.              The Course and Cost of Rapid Industrialization

a.                       Urbanization and The Crisis of the Cities

b.                       Mass Production and The Decline of Skilled Labor

c.                        The Problems with Agriculture

d.                       Rich and Poor


II.        Defenders of Laissez-Faire

a.                       Social Darwinism

b.                       The Gospel of Wealth


III.   The Reform Impulse Begins

a.                       Reform Darwinism

b.                       Socialism

c.                        The Rise of Unions

                                                          i.      The Knights of Labor

                                                      ii.      The American Federation of Labor

d.                       Agricultural Discontent

                                                          i.      The Grange Movement

                                                      ii.      Farmerís Alliance

                                                   iii.      The Populist Party

e.                       The Closing of the Frontier


IV. The Spanish American War