Industrial Revolution

Brief Timeline of the Industrial Revolution

Building the Transcontinental Railroad

Vertical versus Horizontal Integration

A Brief Look at the History of the Steel Industry

Growth of the US (A Cool Animation)


The Indian Wars

The Gilded Age and Populism

Overview of the Indian Wars

"The Trail of Tears" (1838-9)

The Battle of Little Big Horn, 1876

The Flight of the Nez Perce, 1877

The Apache Wars (Cochise and Geronimo) 1850-1886

Massacre at Wounded Knee, 1890

Timeline of Plains Indians

Check out these Cartoons of the Gilded Age!

The Basis of Social Darwinism

More on Social Darwinism

The Social Gospel

The Populist Party


Imperialism and The Spanish American War


The Sinking of the USS Maine

Spanish American War Timeline

Brief Summary of Causes of the Spanish American War

Yellow Journalism Defined

More on Yellow Journalism

Progressive Movement Overview

The Progressive "Cult of Efficiency:" Taylorism

Preservation vs. Conservation: John Muir vs. Gifford Pinchot


Wilson, WWI, and The "19-teens"

The Roaring '20's

Woodrow Wilson: Basic Information

The Zimmerman Note

WWI Documents Archive

Wilson's 14 Points

Pancho Villa

Political Cartoons About the Women's Suffrage Movement

Prohibition (Encyclopedia Article)

The Red Scare

Quiz on the Beginnings of WWI

 "Hangman" vocabulary exercise for WWI terms

A 1920's Timeline

The Roaring 20's


The Monkey Trial

Sacco and Vanzetti

Black Thursday

The Stock Market Crash and New Deal

World War II

Stock Market Crash Overview

A Comprehensive Look at the Great Depression

A Quiz on the New Deal


A Huge Collection of WWII Links

And another...

The WWII Multimedia Database

The Surrender of Germany

The Surrender of Japan


Constructing the Post-War Order

The Red Scare

The Marshall Plan--Official US Government Description

Bretton Woods

Another nice PowerPoint Slideshow

The Marshall Plan

The Berlin Airlift


The Red Scare and McCarthyism

Eisenhower and the Domino Theory


Civil Rights

Vietnam and the Crisis of US Hegemony

The Story of Rosa Parks

An account of the Birmingham Campaign

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech

The Black Panthers

General History of the Vietnam War

Another Vietnam War History Page

Vietnam War Timeline

My Lai Massacre

Tet Offensive, 1968

The 1970s


Watergate (a short overview)

The OPEC Oil Crisis (1973)

Nixon in China

Timeline of US/China Relations since 1945

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Overview

Iranian Hostage Crisis

The Reagan Revolution