Archive of Overhead Projector Slides/In-Class Lecture Notes Quizzes


  Quiz 1
The Indian Wars


The Flight of the Nez Perce

The Arizona Apache Wars

Map of US Indian Tribes

Quiz 2

The Crisis of the 1890's Overview: The 1890's

The Course and Costs of Industrialization

Social Darwinism

The Populist Movement

Quiz 3

The Spanish American War Spanish American War


Progressivism Introduction to Progressivism

Foreign Affairs in the Early Progressive Era

Early Progressivism II: Domestic Policies of Roosevelt

Progressivism on Hold: The Taft Presidency

The Wilson Years

Wilson: The Early Years

Wilson Foreign Policy I: Latin America

Wilson and World War I

Quiz on the Origins of WWI

Cute Vocabulary Quiz on WWI Terms

Europe in 1914

Aftermath of WWI (Political)

Post War Financial Obligations


The 1920's

 Culture Conflict

The Dawes Plan (1924)

Stock Market Crash and Depression

 Mike Noble's View

Lecture notes: Causes of the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression

Response to the Depression: Hoover and Roosevelt

Some Consequences of the Depression

World Trade 1929-33

  A New Deal Quiz!

Stirrings of War

The Coming of World War II

Creating a Post-War Order

Creating a Post War Order and the Emergence of the Cold War

  The Bretton Woods System
The Red Scare

The Red Scare and McCarthyism

The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement

Vietnam and OPEC: The Crisis of American Hegemony